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Of course, the original lyrics, written by Jin Stafford were: “She said I don’t like spiders and snakes And that ain’t what it takes to love me…”  Well, it’s certainly been a wonderful and  fun time at the Arizona Desert Botanical Garden (again), viewing critters, such as red robin perched high in a tree, a lone chipmunk sweeping the ground for crumbs on Gertrude’s Restaurant patio, a handsome lizard scrambling across one of the Garden’s pathway, and finally a Garden Docent displaying and explaining the black necked garter snake! Wonderful! FUN!

robin closeup

 A Red Robin

chipmunk at gertrudes

 The lone chipmunk on Gertrude’s patio

lizards in the garden

 Handsome lizard

snakes in the garden

 Garden docent displaying the black necked garter snake

 snakes two in the garden

  Ah! A brave and curious young child shows an interest in the Arizona black necked garter snake