Driving on a decent, well-maintained dirt road from Arivaca, the ghost town of Ruby is about a 12 mile, scenic drive. A former mining town, Ruby’s mines produced gold, silver, zinc and copper.  With a population of about 1,200 in the 1930’s Julius Andrews named the town after his wife.  The mine closed in 1940 and the town’s population dwindled to nothing.  Be aware, Ruby has a “caretaker” on premise and you will need to check in with the caretaker.  There is a fee of $12.00 per person and you are required to sign a “waiver” should you choose to walk the area.  The $12.00 fee goes to the nonprofit foundation: Ruby Mines Restoration Project (I passed on the “fee.”) Ruby is open to the public Thursday through Sunday.  For a spectacular drive leave Ruby and drive on Forest Service Road 39 for about 13 miles to Nogales exit. The drive is very intense (awesome views), and after 13 miles you will be relieved and thankful to finally drive on pavement! Following are just a few photos I captured during our visit to Ruby.

ruby arizona wooden sign

You will first see this hand-made sign while approaching the town of Ruby.

ruby arizonaTurning right into the town of Ruby, Arizona. Make sure you carefully read the signage. Entry fee is $12.00 “per person.”

truck ruby arizona

I managed to capture this photo on the main road to the “caretaker’s” house.

ruby arizona truck 2

Another view of the truck on our way to the “caretaker’s” house.

road out overlookin ruby caretaker

A view of Ruby, Arizona from Forest Road 39 on our way out of town.