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The Buenos Aires (meaning “good breeze”) National Wildlife Refuge is located near the town of Arivaca in Arizona. This magnificent Refuge is host to more than 330 bird species; birders from across the United States visit the refuge. The refuge is the home to many raptors as well as mule deer, pronghorns, coyote, foxes, bobcats, and javelina, and is the “largest ungrazed grassland in southern Arizona.”  We paid a visit to the Refuge during our trip to the Arivaca Independent Film Festival. Following are photos captured in the Refuge. Enjoy.

Arivaca Buenos Aires RefugeSignage greets visitors to the Refuge.

Arivaca Cienega Wildlife Oasis signageEntering the Refuge visitors are greeted with an overview of of “Cienega.”

magnificant treeI am sure this old, HUGE, and “magnificent” tree (if it could talk) has many, many stories locked inside its trunk/branches.

lake in preserveAn oasis for many birds inside the Refuge.

Alone - boardwalk margeAlone time in the Refuge – a perfect place to comtemplate!

not alone bill marge on boardwalk

More alone time in the Refuge.