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The town of Arivaca Arizona is 60 miles south of Tucson. The town itself is surrounded by mountain ranges and is a birding hotspot with the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.  The town has a lake, Arivaca Lake, just outside the town on the way to Ruby, Arizona.  Arivaca’s elevation is 3,800; is somewhat cooler and experiences more rain than Tucson.  Arivaca has about 600 residents, the population is very artistic.  On the first Saturday October through May the Arivaca’s Farmer’s Market sells their produce from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Following are just a few photos I captured while visiting Arivaca – Enjoy!

Arivaca house in town

A (lived-in?) building in the town of Arivaca.

gallery photo

The Arivaca local “Artists Co-op”

Arivaca Artist coop

Arivaca Artist Co-op

Arivaca man and his dog

A local: man and his dog participating in the Saturday Farmer’s Market, displaying his wares (and, I have to admit – HANDSOME!!)

guitar player at town bar

Here is the guitarist entertaining at the local bar in Arivaca – I must admit, he AND his accompanist was VERY talented!  Hamburgers (NOT patties) were tastey, and the beer, my favorite: IPA; very reasonably priced! 

second guitar player at Arivaca bar

The accompanist to the guitar player – very talented. GREAT voices! Make an effort to stop in the bar and have a bite to eat during your visit to Arivaca. A must see! I promise, you will not regret it!