I’d like to digress for a moment and explain my Blog post.

Allow me to share with you why I ALWAYS boycott mentioned days.  Let’s start with Administrative Professional’s Day, formerly known as Secretary’s Day, formerly known as Admin Day.  This “special” day has become (pardon me) a cash-cow for: restaurants, card manufacturers, florists, etc.  Please, don’t wait for Administrative Professional’s Day to recognize the Professional, and try hard to not cave-in to media propaganda that you should buy flowers, lunch, gifts, etc.  A simple Thank You (often) would be more than adequate, really!

Next, is National Boss Day.  Celebrate even though you dislike your boss? Celebrate because everyone in your office makes you feel guilty if you don’t? This is why I make it a point to tell a boss (any boss) at the start of a new job or position that I do not celebrate Boss’ Day or Administrative Professional’s Day for the same reasons mentioned above.

Finally, there is Valentine’s Day.  This day is more of a cash-cow than Administrative Professional’s Day or Boss’ Day.  Men are coerced, and forced to celebrate this day by purchasing candy, flowers, jewelry, dinner, etc.  Women (not all) have their special and unique way of coercing, forcing men to celebrate this day. Is it true that if you don’t spend a lot of money on Valentine’s Day you’re not really in love? Why not prove your love (wife, husband, significant other, partner), EVERY DAY, not only Valentine’s Day. Be a leader, not a follower. Why wait?

Incidentally, I AM a fan of Birthdays.  I believe one should celebrate their birthday as though it were your last Birthday. It’s okay to celebrate with flowers, dinner, candy, because it’s a celebration of your birth, another year of life!  It’s a celebration for what you have and what you’ve experienced.  Celebrate!