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Participated in a Breakfast Bird Walk at Boyce Thomas Arboretum. Seven experienced birders and a newbie (that would be me) participated in this fun event.  The group gathered at the entrance to BTA at 6:30 a.m. and then tailgated two extremely competent birders for approximately two hours.

This newbie was amazed how quickly the participants were able to hear a bird song and then immediately identify the bird. Following are photos I managed to capture during our Breakfast Bird Walk.

After our walk we gathered onsite in a BTA conference room for a breakfast pot luck: Yogurt, fruit, blueberry coffee cake, juice, date nut bread.   Our leader(s) treated us to “dessert” afterwards:  a fantastic view via a scope of the Cooper’s Hawk nest with three fledglings!! A real treat!! Notice that in a few of the fledgling photos ‘mom’ is in the background keeping a watchful eye on her chicks!