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On the road again first stop was Tres Rios Wetlands: a Wildlife Viewing Area in Southwest Phoenix. We arrived early at the Wetlands in time to view a myriad of bird species. It certainly was a great day for birding: Peregrine Falcon, Hawks, Pelican, Owl nest, ducks, ducks, ducks!  We planned to spend as much time as possible at Tres Rios, but due to circumstances beyond our control we were forced to end our birding and switch to “car-birding.”  After car birding, we were on the road to the Audubon Arizona on Central Avenue in Phoenix. We walked the trails and took in the beautiful scenery. From Audubon Arizona we made a stop at Rio Salado Habitat Area very near to the Audubon Arizona.

Following are photos I captured during our “on the road again” trip.

audubon sign 2 A

Audubon at Central in Phoenix

humingbird audubon2

Hummingbird in Audubon Arizona

dove audubon2 A

White-winged dove

audubon bird treehawk audobon4hawk audobon3 shrikehawk audobon1

green heron audobon

Green Heron

snowy white1

Snowy Egret

red wing blackbird in tree2

Red-winged blackbird

red wing blackbird in tree

Red-winged blackbird

heron on fence solo1

Great Blue Heron

green heron2

Green Heron

heron with fish5

Great Blue Heron Captures Fish

heron flying fish

Great Blue Heron Flying with Fish


Pelican at Tres Rios Overbank Wetlands

two ducks

Ducks on Tres Rios

owl3 a

Owl nest