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Jewel of the Creek Preserve  “IS” a real jewel!  The Preserve is located north of the town of Cave Creek and was established by the Desert Foothills Land Trust. Do you enjoy birding? Well, if you do, this is the place to view migratory birds. We walked the Dragonfly Trail which is in a riparian area along Cave Creek. A large number of cottonwoods, willows, mesquites, and ash trees line the beautiful stream; in the desert!!!  Five birders met at the Jewel of the Creek, early morning, to walk the Dragonfly Trail; following are photos I captured during our trip to the Preserve.

jewal of the creek entrancesunlit cactibird rock2finch3 solo


Red Robin

bird making nestfinch2 solorobin1puffy bird orange beakimportant bird area sign

blackbird stick2a

A Blackbird carrying sticks for its near-by nest!!

finch in tree one

finches in tree1