Okay, riding my bike on the canal today, a beautiful, sunny day. Traveling west; destination Central Avenue.  At about mile 5 I hear a loud explosion and discover my rear tire is flat.  I walk my bicycle off the canal to a spot where I think I can repair the flat.  Much to my surprise I discover I brought with me the wrong air pump; although I do have a replacement tube!!  Okay, I tell myself I will do what I can and walk my bicycle home (about 5 miles).

Funny, every bicycle that passed me, AND every bicycle I passed DID NOT have a tire pump, nor did they have a means to repair their bicycle!! All of a sudden, out of nowhere this husband/wife rider asked me if they could help. YES! The husband removed my rear wheel, took my flat and bicycled to the nearest Circle K to place air in the tire to find out: Circle K did not have tire pumps!! This person then rode for a while looking for a Circle K; he remembered he was carrying a CO2 Cartridge.  Long story short; 45-minutes later this person returned with my tire, full of air; mounted the tire, asked me to make sure it was mounted properly BEFORE he allowed me to ride into the sun-set; it was!  Can you believe,  I am actually on my way home with a fixed flat, thanks to a couple who took the time to stop and help me.  She works for US Airways; he works for a car dealership in North Scottsdale.  My message:  “thank you, thank you!!”