I had the pleasure of joining a group of strong hikers this past weekend into the Superstition Wilderness area.  The weather was perfect: mid-60’s and breezy. Our hike leader led the hike from Peralta trailhead to Dutchman’s trail. We passed Miner’s Needle on to the Whiskey Spring trail to Coffee Flat Mountain and then around to the Red Tanks trail.  We THEN had the privilege of viewing one of the largest saguaro on record – 50+ arms.  Our hike leader informed us this magnificent saguaro is fading away – who knows how much longer it will live.  Following are photos I managed to capture during our hike.  Enjoy!

looking up at mountain sculpture

looking into the sun

tarantula on trail

A tarantula on the trail.

mighty saguaro

The largest saguaro on record with its 50+ arms. 

a fallen arm of the might saguaro

This was once an arm of the largest saguaro – it recently fell, perhaps as a result of strong winds, and recent rain storms.

lots of saguaros

sign dutchmans trail

the trail forfront with weaver's needle background

The trail and Weaver’s Needle in background