Cooped up in my house for four-plus days due to Walking Pneumonia I finally had the opportunity to get out, walk and take-in the wonderful air, sights and surroundings of my immediate neighborhood area!!! I felt as though I was released from a holding cage finally able to walk, finally able to view, and taking in every sight and sound around me!  Following are photos I captured during my “outing.”

scottsdale mall art

Captured on the Scottsdale Mall.

close up scottsdale mall

A close-up of the art on Scottsdale Mall.

indian head dress 1

faces i've met 1 faces i've met 2 faces I've met 3

Faces I met during my “outing.”

alo cafe alco outdoors Alo cafe inside alo cafe outdoor seating

I discovered a new restaurant in my neighborhood: ALCO Café.  It is on 6960 E. 1st Street Scottsdale, AZ Open for breakfast and lunch.  NOTE:  ALCO prepares everything from scratch on premise!