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Today was certainly an exciting day for me! I was fortunate to actually witness the release of a rescued/rehabilitated Red Tail Hawk back into the wild at the Estrella Mountain Regional Park! A first for me; it was incredible to watch the Hawk take flight after being caged for months!

Amy Roberts, Estrella Mountain Park Ranger, described exactly how the Red Tail Hawk was injured and rescued by Fallen Feathers.  Fallen Feathers is a rescue group committed to helping and rehabilitating birds and then releasing them back into their natural environment.  The Hawk, along with its sibling was found on the ground below their nest.  Amy placed a phone call to Fallen Feathers; the beginning of months of rehabilitation for one sibling, unfortunately, the second did not survive.

Kay Aufill, the assistant director of Fallen Feathers, was on hand for “the” release.

Amy and Kay

Amy Roberts, Estrella Mountain Park Ranger and Kay Aufill, Fallen Feathers

Red Tail Hawk Carrier

The Red Tail Hawk has arrived and will soon be released into the wild.

Kay with protective gloves

Kay with protective gloves preparing for the Hawk’s release

Out of the carrier

Gloves are on and close to the release

In safe hands

The Red Tail Hawk safe in Kay’s hands

Red Tail Hawk Backside

The Red Tail Hawk’s backside – magnificent!

safe hands close up

Kay Aufill, Fallen Feathers, and Red Tail Hawk

safe hands on display

Red Tail Hawk

safe hands portrait

A close-up of Red Tail Hawk

safe hands close up three

A “portrait” of the Red Tail Hawk

ready for release

Just seconds away from being released into the wild

Hawk in flight

Lift-off! Success! Happiness! Cheers!


Here’s wishing you a long, and healthy life in the wild!

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