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Okay, looking out my bathroom window at the tall, tall electrical pole in my back yard alley I see this HUGE hawk/predator. which I discovered is a Ferruginous Hawk.  This “hawk/predator” has claimed the very top of the pole in my alley as his/her nest(?).  I am concerned because I own a cat (rescued) and continue to have this visual nightmare of my cat being carried away by this HUGE hawk/predator!

I decided to grab my camera and attached my zoom lens for a better view of the hawk/predator, and I patiently waited, waited until the hawk left the pole and flew into the air (what a sound it made!!). Snap, snap! Following are photos I captured. I am certain this HUGE hawk/predator is a Ferruginous Hawk.  Agree?   Every morning, without fail, I open my bathroom window AND every morning without fail I see this HUGE hawk/predator perched atop my back yard alley electrical pole.  As a pet owner, I lecture my cat about the evil waiting around the corner, waiting to scoop her up into the claws of the HUGE hawk/predator! She’s safe, so far…


Ferruginous Hawk stalking my cat

The Ferruginous Hawk in flight, looking, looking for my cat!

close-up hawk

The Ferruginous Hawk “looking” for MY cat!!!