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Wow! I was one of fifty attendees at the Scottsdale international Film Festival fund-raiser on Sunday: Movie and Mangia at the Pig and Pickle Restaurant, 2922 North Hayden Road in Scottsdale. Do you remember Atlas Bistro in South Scottsdale? Well, Keenan Bosworth and Joshua Riesner were chef owners at Atlas and are now chef-owners at Pig & Pickle in south Scottsdale AND I might add, THANK YOU Keenan and Joshua for opening your restaurant in south Scottsdale – YES!!  Okay, let’s stick to the main topic: Pig & Pickle and Scottsdale International Film Festival Fundraiser pre-screening of a new Italian film. Following are photos I captured during today’s fundraiser event. Please stay tuned for more detailed information on the wonderful food Pig & Pickle served to attendees and watch for more photos on this great fundraiser!!

pig and pickle outside emplem

The Pig and Pickle; 2922 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale

pig and pickle inside greet

pig and pickle owner_scottsdale film fest_copartner

Here is Keenan Bosworth and Joshua Riesner with a Scottsdale International Film Festival representative.

pig and pickle copartner and worker behind bar

Clayton Macgregor (left) and Joshua Riesner (right)

pig and pickle bar

Pig and Pickle’s bar

pig and pickle film fest guest and film fest PR

Lori Rusk, Scottsdale International Film Festival fundraiser committee.

pig and pickle patio

The outdoor patio at Pig and Pickle.