I had the privilege to view many, many films during 2012. I remember my comment to a friend: “I do not remember viewing so many wonderful films in one year as I have during 2012!! Okay, the following films are my personal vote for the 2012 Oscar nomination (in order of my preference): 1) Lincoln; 2) Life of Pi; 3) Beast of the Southern Wild; 4) Argo; 5) Django Unchained.  WHY?  1) Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Fields were very believable in their roles. They made it a point to research the roles of Lincoln and his wife; Sally gladly gained 25+ pounds to make certain her role was accurate. 2) Life of Pi: inspirational, persistence, relationship between Richard Parker and Pi (Pi’s alter ego?); 3) Beast of the Southern Wild, Little Quvenzhane Wallis was 5 during this film (Hushpuppy), never had acting experience but yet she steals the show. 4) Argo: I am not one for Hollywood movies, but I must admit Argo had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end of move.  I truly enjoyed this Hollywood film! 5) Django Unchained: Well…I am NOT a fan of Quentin Tarantino, but I must admit this film was truly, truly amazing from beginning to end. I attended the movie with a “friend” and, I felt as though I had run a marathon! I was exhausted at the end! Loved, Loved the movie and would see it again only because I missed some of the dialogue due to audience laughing!