Tortilla Flat, AZ: My “friend” and I bellied up to the bar (sitting on a horse saddle). My friend ordered chips and salsa; we decided to order a “local” beer.  I ordered the Superstition Mule Oil (light) beer and my “friend” had the Rattlesnake Venom (dark) beer. If I had to order again, I would DEFINITELY order the Rattlesnake Venom Beer – YUM, YUM! Questioning the bartender: “Approximately how many one dollar bills are plastered on the walls within the bar?” His response: “Over $100,000 in dollar bills.”  You MUST see the walls of dollar bills “… currency from around the world.” _2013_01_05_0259_edited-1 _2013_01_05_0260_edited-1 _2013_01_05_0261_edited-1