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Greetings from an attendee at the opening night of the Scottsdale International Film Festival (October 6-10).

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the Festival was not able to show the opening night film: “Denial.” Instead, Festival attendees viewed “A Man Called Ove,” a Swedish film with Swedish and Persian language.  The movie is a comedy, drama and made its USA debut September 2016.

Ove, 59, is a curmudgeon who lost his wife, lost his job, could care less what people think of him and his highly eccentric behavior. I will not go into detail about this movie; it’s a movie you need to purchase the ticket, sit, and enjoy; laugh and cry!

I rated this film a 5. It’s about love, relationships, redemption, prejudices and how the main character, Ove, overcomes his prejudices, how he finally comes to terms with his past and present. The movie has a lot of laugh-out-loud moments AND also has a lot of heart warming moments. It’s a beautiful movie! You can view the movie at Shea 14 in Scottsdale during the Film Festival October 6-10.