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Love exploring the City on a bicycle as there is so much to see! At times we miss the real beauty that surrounds us when driving a car because the majority are in a rush to go from point A to point B.  Well, you can imagine my surprise and disbelief to see the following spectacular permanent art, in the desert, while exploring Bell Road in North Scottsdale.  The site of this artwork actually stopped me in my tracks, and I was thankful to have my camera along for this photo opportunity. An amazing site!

You can view this permanent art by driving Thompson Peak Parkway to Bell Road. Turn right on Bell Road and drive approximately one quarter to one half mile. The art is on the north side of Bell Road. Enjoy!!

art 2 scottsdale

art 1 scottsdale

art 3 scottsdale

art 4 scottsdale

art 5 scottsdale