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This is a tribute to you, my best friend, my one and only sister.  You were the only one who could make me laugh; no one else could!  Your sense of humor was exceptional and you always managed to have the “last word, funny, sad, weird.  It was YOU; you were your own person!

I will always remember your humor, your early morning 3:00 a.m. telephone rants and will always cherish our long, lengthy phone conversations in which we spoke about your loving cat, my loving cat and how they brought laughter to our life.  You inspired me, you pissed me off, but most of all you taught me to understand your world and I would not change that for all the money in the world.    I will miss your humor, I will miss our phone conversations, I will miss you dear sister.  You were and will ALWAYS be my best friend. Peace be with you.  Please, when you see our Mom, give her a hug for me and let her know she is and always will be in my mind.  Love you dear sister!! I hope to see you soon! With much love!


May 4, 1949 – June 3, 2014.