Navajo Fry Bread History: Kit Carson was sent into Navajo land to secure a surrender. Not one Navajo met with him and, as a result, Carson ordered the Navajo land burned. He also attempted to starve the Navajo; thus the long 300 mile walk to Bosque Redondo near Fort Sumner.  While in captivity the Government provided the Navajo with lard, flour, salt, sugar, baking powder or yeast and powdered milk. Fry bread was born from these few staples provided to the Navajo. The Navajo spent four years in captivity; now, fry bread is a common food during many tribes’ powwows. Today, Navajo bread is drizzled with honey or powdered sugar or made as Indian tacos with ground beef, beans, green onions and cheese.

the making of fry breas2

prepare indian fry bread

the making of fry bread

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