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A group of about 12-13 hikers gathered at the Spur Cross Conservation Area  to hike the Skull Mesa trail.  Depending on which Web site you click on – the mileage for the Skull Mesa hike varies from 12 miles round trip to 14 miles round trip.  This hike has four different  terrains and rated difficult BUT well-worth it!  The daytime temperature was in the low 70s, clear sky and an ever-so-light breeze. Following are photos I managed to capture during the hike. Enjoy!!

spur cross map skull mesa

skull mesa trailhead

The “start” of Skull Mesa Hike

wading pool

On the way to the trail head

hikers skull mesa

Our group

on way to skull mesa

Lots of elevation

up up

more uphill

lots of elevation to skull mesa

a look back while climbing

heart cactus

photo instrument for capturing wild animal photo

An Arizona wildlife monitoring camera used to capture images of wildlife: mountain lions, jaguars, etc.  The trail camera will detect movement, and then snap a photo.  Images are stored and retrieved by wildlife officials.  Following is a photo of a typical “watering hole” for wildlife.

watering hole in front of camera

lunch at skull mesa

A lunch break at the top of Skull Mesa

at the top

A view of  the Valley from the top of Skull Mesa