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Well, to carry out the goal of going carless in Phoenix, Arizona I’ve made it a point to research and read as many articles as I could find  (Google / Bing) about how to go carless.  I read  “how to” articles of going carless in Seattle, going carless in San Francisco, Boston and Maryland, just to name a few!  But I did not find nor have I read articles about going carless in Phoenix, Arizona.

So, you’re probably asking, how does one go without a car in Phoenix, Arizona?

A Bicycle is a great form of transportation. 

  • I use my bicycle to carry my groceries.  I have two side packs that will fit a full bag of groceries.
  • I use my bicycle to commute daily to/from work, about eleven miles one way.  I pack my clothes (it helps if your roll them and place them in a plastic bag) the night before.
  • I purchased a bicycle cargo trailer to transport large-sized items such as 25 lb. bags of dog food, and who knows what else.

two full bags of groceries carless grocery shopping2 001

Walking is another great form of transportation. 

  • I now walk to places close to where I live: the movies, the mall, museum, civic center.  On those sunny, hot Arizona days I carry my “Go-Lite” reflective umbrella and lots of water.

Will I go completely carless in Phoenix, Arizona?  I am still working / researching ways to carry out this.  For one thing, I’ve cut way back on gas, I don’t get stuck in traffic, I’m helping the environment, and the daily exercise puts me in a better mood.  Stay tuned for updates as I hopefully reach my goal of “carless in Phoenix, Arizona.”