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We decided to use the July 4th weekend to “cool off” and attend two recommended movies at the Scottsdale Camelview Theatre. The first movie: Unfinished Song (Song for Marion) was funny, sad, and very thought-provoking; it was dedicated to “Family.” See the movie and you will understand why it was dedicated to family. Vanessa Redgrave and “handsome” Terence Stamp (a total curmudgeon), star in this predictable movie that will make you laugh and cry ( a good thing). A great story line, great actors.

unfinished song

We were hesitant to view “Fill the Void” but happy we decided to see the movie! It is about an 18-year old Israeli who is pressured to marry the husband of her late sister.  The audience (via the movie director) is allowed a glimpse of ultra-Orthodox Hasidic community.  All I can say is WOW!  The characters (Shira and Yochay) are believable, and sensitive to each other. I am glad I took the time to view this as the movie provided me with a view into the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic community. Thank you to the Director!

fill the void