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Homeward bound after the Scottsdale Art Festival I decided to step outside my box and explore Old Town instead of taking the same old path. A walk down Brown Avenue led me past the Rusty Spur Saloon where I noticed this lovely dog tied to a pole. Its owner, I am sure, was quenching his/her thirst inside the Saloon. Gee, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the dog because I am sure it needed to quench its thirst too AND was provided with what clearly amounts to only a “mouthful” of water from the small container! Unfair!

saguaro art festival

rusty spur saloon

waiting for owner with only small cup water

man bronze art festival portrait of bronz man

Strolling towards the Scottsdale Arts district, I was so impressed with this bronze statue and fell in love with his profile – wow!  At the last-minute I decided to stroll the long way home and explore the Scottsdale Waterfront for possible early evening photos. 

dogs social 1

Not only do we stop to chat with friends; it looks as though these “dog friends” are doing the same on the Scottsdale Waterfront.

bird hanging out waterfront

On the Waterfront, just hanging out, and people-watching on a beautiful Sunday evening.

soleri bridge

The Soleri Bridge (Scottsdale Waterfront) has added new art work since my previous visit.