Me, a first time attendee at the 2013 Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition on March 2 in the town of Arivaca, Arizona (will not be my last!!). I consider myself a somewhat seasoned film festival attendee; having attended the Scottsdale International Film Festival four consecutive years.  However, I must admit, that I was extremely surprised, impressed, amazed and very pleased with the quality and content of the Exhibition’s documentaries as well as the independent shorts! All were on the same level or above when comparing to Scottsdale’s documentaries/shorts!

I managed to capture photos of a “few” Arivaca Independent Filmmakers at Saturday’s festival ( I hope I matched the correct filmmaker with his/her respective documentary/short). I apologize as my point-and-shoot battery (a few photos) was not fully charged.  Here goes!

Director, Zeus Quijano with his wife at the Arivaca Film Festival

“Point of Entry” Director, Zeus Quijano with his wife at the Arivaca Film Festival

What you Need Nicholas Duarte

“What you Need” Nicholas Duarte

Brendan Guy Murphy Story time Fables

“Story Time Fables” Brendan Guy Murphy

The City - Adam Ray tucson

“The City” Adam Ray/Tucson (sorry! battery was dying!

Patricia McInroy 3 Experimental Filma

Patricia McInroy “Three Experimental Films”

"Truth on The Line" - Documentary (Tucson, Arizona)

“Truth on The Line” – Documentary (Tucson, Arizona)


Bart Santello “MZUNGU”