It’s difficult to believe that it’s now 30 years since the passing of Karen Carpenter. I learned today after listening to NPR it was Karen who was first to receive a recording contract and not her brother Richard who was considered a “musical prodigy.” I also learned she “…struggled to feel loved and accepted by her mother, who, by many accounts, was a stern and difficult woman.”  Karen recorded a solo album in 1979 but her brother and executives of A&M did not like the results and shelved it. She longed to have children; she married a man who, she did not know, had a vasectomy and was interested only in her money. She realized she could be in control via her weight though, which was to be her downfall and ultimately lead to her death. I don’t think we’ll hear another voice such as Karen Carpenter. Rest in Peace Karen. Your voice is very much missed by many.

karen carpenter rose